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I am a Registered Nurse with 2 years experience as an RN with 2 previous years experience as an LPN here in the US. My RN experience is in Maternal Nursing - Postpartum. I would like to work in the... Read More

  1. by   katikati
    Thanks for your help, I did have my dean compose the documents specifically for me. In the end the ADN degree is less education than the BSN, the US based bridge programs from RN to BSN have several more units that are dedicated to upper division nursing, which perhaps is parallel to the BSN education in Australia.
    AHPRA is a nightmare, they were good with letting me know that I needed to provide more documents, but the description of what they needed was so broad, its really a rubrics cube.
  2. by   katikati
    There is a pdf from AHPRA explaining Criterion 4, and pretty much you need a BSN: "A qualification at AQF level 5 or lower does not meet the minimum requirements of qualificationassessment criterion 4 for a registered nurse or a midwife."

    "Registered nurse and midwife - AQF level 6 and above, AQF 5 with subsequent qualificationsAll other applications undergo a comprehensive review process, including:  recommendation on whether an applicant’s qualifications are substantially equivalent to anAustralian Bachelor degree."

    Ya know, 'cus in the US, I couldnt pull off a BSN with my BS in Public Health and ADN. Which I understand, so its the same here in Australia. I do believe AHPRAs wording is false advertisement though as an Assosciates Degree would be AQF 6 equivalent, but that is not the case.
  3. by   katikati
    I appealed my rejection, and sent them 2,000 pages. What was in those pages? All of my lectures. I would do the same- send all the pdfs, every project you had in school. My case was turned around and as of yesterday I am now an OZ RN, with an Assosciates Degree in Nursing!!!

    It all took 400 days, my case.
    It can be done, but it was not easy by any means.