California and CGFNS

  1. Right now if you are planning to work in California you are not required to take CGFNS. HOWEVER, because of the new staffing ratios that have just been put in place, there are many American nurses that are planning to work in California. They will be available in just a few weeks, not many months from now. So you may get a tentative offer right now, but that position can easily be filled before you are ready. Just because you have had an offer doesn't mean that here will be a position once you are finally set to go. I highly suggest that you also complete the CGFNS exam while you are waiting. This will allow you to work in any state and not be limited. If you put this off until later, remember the time element involved. You must have all documents into CGFNS a minimum of three months before the exam, and it takes another 2 months to receive your score at the earliest, overseas mail takes longer. So you are looking at about 6 months...........
    Just something to think about..........................

    Good luck.......
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