BCIT or Douglas College or UBC

  1. Hello everybody, I heard this site from a coworker of mine. I have applied to BCIT & Douglas College Any suggestions? IAny help or comments on the schools are appreciated.

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  3. by   fergus51
    Douglas College's program is the same as the one at UCC and is not ideal for hands on people. My niece took her nursing there and you don't get to jump into clinical or anything right away. It involved a lot of papers and courses on communication and women's studies, etc. They didn't get into the hospital until their second year.

    I have taken specialty courses through BCIT and found them to be very practical and good to prepare me for work in my specialty.
  4. by   Reggie83
    Hello fergus51,

    fergus51: What speacialty have you taken, if you dont mind me asking? I would love to get into critical care or cardiac/telemetry.
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  5. by   fergus51
    Mine were in maternity. A friend did take the emerg theory courses and said they were very good. She also like Mount Royal's specialty courses. I liked how BCIT courses were framed around case studies. I found that to be a very practical way to teach.
  6. by   pineapplegirl
    Douglas College is part of the collaborative nursing program in BC... so thats a plus..
    im in my first year there..i like it!

    BCIT is much more intense and as a result you get to finish quicker.. its also harder to get in tho..more competitive!!
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    Thanks for your input.
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    Quote from Reggie83

    Thanks for your input. Were you in the waitlist prior entering the program. I was i think this is my 3rd year, so in the process i completed the RT program. I been hearing about this collaborative programs offered in BC. But not exactly sure what it about. Is it like you can transfer to programs that offer the collaboration? Hopefully I get in at Douglas too, cuz I can get credit for everything but NURSING courses - BIG plus. How's the faculty? Have you started clinicals yet? Are there any guys in your program, and if so are they liking it? :imbar I hope so!
    i waited 1.5 years...i think so short because i applied while i was still in highschool. the faculty is good. clinicals aren't until next semester for me. and there are 4 guys outta 33 in my section...not bad ratio. i wish there were more guys to balance it out a bit!