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    I have a RN in British Columbia trying to write my NCLEX to become licensed in Washington State. I just recently registered with CGFNS and have sent in all of the required items but it seems like its taking them forever to process it. Has anyone been in the same boat? Does it usually take a while before CGFNS sends my info to the Washington State board of nursing and then contact me to allow me to actually write the exam? So far I am about a month into the process and seems like nothing has even happened yet... Is it really this slow? Is washington one of the slower states to become licensed with? I would really appreciated any form of insight.
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    I haven't been through the process, but a couple of friends have. Expect it to take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before you write your NCLEX. A month is nothing. It took almost two months before my paperwork from ON to AB was approved.
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    Yes average time for CGFNS is 3-6 months

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