Authority to Test for the NCLEX - Wait times by state

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    I am a Canadian RN. I am interested in working in Jackon Hole, Wyoming. I am interested in finding out the most time-efficient way of gaining authority to test for the NCLEX.

    What is the wait time for obtaining Authority to Test through the Wyoming Board of Nursing?

    A collegue informed me that it's fastest to apply through Minnesota's Board of Nursing. After passing the NCLEX, I would then have to endorse my license to Wyoming. Any idea of the wait times for endorsement?

    Any suggestions for the most time-efficient path? And, hopefully, financially-savy path?
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    Moved to the International forumA lot will depend on how timely requirements are met for state requirements. Look at 2-4months as a rough guide
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    Wyoming application for Authority to Test is requiring a SSN. Is it possible to be an international RN seeking licensure without a SSN? From my understanding, I need an SSN to obtain an Authority to Test to write the NCLEX. I can't obtain a SSN until I have an offer of employment but I need to pass my NCLEX to be considered a potential candidate for hire. I don't understand how to get started. It feels like I've hit a wall.

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