Australian graduate, wanting to do a grad program in Canada.

  1. Hello, firstly let me say thanks for taking time to look at my post!

    I'm from Australia, where i have just completed my registered nurse course! Yay! The only thing is that I am really wanting to work in Canada, I have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers to on the world wide net and wondering if anyone could help?

    Firstly, do hospitals in Canada tend to hire international new grads? It is it worth just working in Australia for a year to get experience?

    Secondly where do I start? Do I Apply for a visa? Do the Canada nursing test? Find a hospital willing to employ me? Or am I on the wrong track completely?
    I am lost!

    Thoughts, ideas comments would be MUCH appreciated!!

    Kind regards, Laura
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Most of your questions have been asnwered in the past especially in the International forum

    I suggest a good read in this forum and the International forum and then ask again any questions you have.

    Questions regarding meeting Provincial requirements as a International nurse or information on immigration we ask are posted in the International forum and questions regarding actually nursing in Canada be asked in the Canadian forum

    Be aware immigration will depend on route you are looking at and PR requires 12 months work experience full time as a trained nurse
  4. by   lt234
    I know this thread is likely to be moved, but just wanted to add in that I graduated last year from uni in Australia and decided to do my grad year first before moving to Canada. It really is the 4th year of the degree! If you can it's worth doing first. I've now got flights booked to move back home to Canada Apparently there are a lot of differences between Can/Aus nursing so it'd probably be good to get a solid consolidating year under your belt!! Good luck!