Australian Bridging Program{abp}

  1. Hello,
    I just finished my nursing in the year 2009 and got registration in march 2010, so I'm moving with Australian bridging and placement program , they r charging up 10,000-12,000 aud, the process consultant is shivsansdotcom associated with careglobe , so can any one give me a good advice to what to do, they will assist in getting pr and registration over there its an 18 week program, depending on the provider. so can any one let me know its worth to join this, and i'm not sure where will b the training process will take place either in hospitals or training centers
    have any one did this before. please help me out as i had registered with giving initial payments to them.
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  3. by   sabujoseph
    please let me know your current status, I am about to pay the $1500 towards the abp programme. Is it worthpaying. kindly send me a reply, thanking you
  4. by   ReVaNiNn

    i would like to know that all nurses overseas must take this program?

    i have a bachelor degree of nursing and i have also 1 year experince CCU - ICU.
    according to my situation, do i need to take this program when i apply to the austrlian board?
    what the cost for this program? and what is the cheapest one? where i will live while im taking this program?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
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    A lot I think will depend on where you trained, there are several threads in this forum discussing this so probably worth a read