Anyone Worked In Middle East?

  1. 0 hi,
    I am supposed to be moving to the middle East in October. I will be living in Dubai but working in Abu Dhabi, shaikh khalifa in paediatric oncology. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who has worked out there?
    I am currently waiting on my licence to work from the UAE Ministry and that is the hold up, I am mega stressed now as we were hoping to be out there by 1st october and not looking likely at all.
    Any info greately appreciated
    thanks Kerry
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    I worked in Saudi Arabia for 6 years and went to Dubai lots of times for a break. It is a fantastic place andI would much rather have worked there. The pay is slightly less because it is a nice place to be. Their lifestyle is quite different to ours but not extreme like Saudi. I have never been to Abu dhabi but have friends who lived and worked there and they loved it. It is very similar to Dubai. Very hot, great beaches and pretty good night life. Hope this helps. Good Luck
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    HI, I'm also thinking about working in the Middle East but I have some reservations. I was hoping to hear about peoples experience or advice. I am concerned about my safety #1. I would appreciate any input. Donna
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    Where in the middle east are you thinking of working?
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    Hi EnglishRN

    I'm an RN wanting to go to Dubai for a 2 yr contract. Do you, or anyone out there, know what the pay is like for an operating room RN? Also, how is the safety since I am a single female and don't know anyone there? Are hospital accomodations nice or is it better getting an apartment? Any help is much appreciated.
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    Hi and welcome to the site

    This thread is a few years old and member may not have been back for a long time

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