Any UK nurses preparing for the move Down Under??

  1. 0 IELTS exam? AHPRA Registration?(frustration) Job offers? Medicals? visas 457 or working holiday visa?
    Which State?
    I've received Eligibility for registration (u do not want to know how long it took- especially for those who are in the middle of completing their application forms!!!) Currently awaiting Police clearance, visa application 457 sent to appointed migrant agent. Job offer with NorthWestern Mental Health.........anybody else???
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    I'm Aus-trained, so no help, but a non-active AN member I met who visited Melbourne to check out moving here emigrated last year, recently bought a house, and has just had a promotion, so it's all possible.
    Also, bump!
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    Thanx for the boost! I'm getting there slowly but surely.....
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    I am a paediatric nurse currently looking into moving to aus to work. I have no idea where to start really? Any advice? Im unsure which visa would be best and whether or not to try to get sponsorship before i leave. I am at the very beggining of my process and dont know what to do?!
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    Rachel where are you from, age, family situation (single, married, kids) and then we could suggest what to do.
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    I'm from the uk..with my partner who's an electrician we've got no kids. I'll be 23 when I'm hoping to go over which is around 8 months time I've had 2 years post grad experience in paeds oncology haematology n I've got my degree. I hope this can help you provide me with more info! Thanks xx
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    Rachel, in addition to pediatric wards in other hospitals, most but not all the capital cities have a children's hospital - I know RCH in Melbourne has a haematology/oncology unit and I imagine the others do, too.

    Assuming you want to stay in your specialty and/or in acute care, the capital cities are your best bet; although there are big hospitals in large regional centres, the sickest patients are treated there. The odds are good that you'll be able to find a position, particularly if you're not starting work in Jan - March (and competing with new grads), so the question is which state you want to live in.

    I don't know what you know about Aus, so I apologise if any or all of this is familiar. You have essentially two options - the more remote west coast or the more heavily populated east coast. Perth (the Princess Margaret) is beautiful but about 8 hours flight away from the rest of us, while Darwin has a lot of career opportunities but is hot, remote, and doesn't seem to have a paediatric hospital or specialised paediatric oncology services.

    If you want to go east coast your choices are between Brisbane (the Mater Children's hospital and the Mater Children's private, with a new hospital planned to open in 2014), Sydney (SCH or Westmead but the latter doesn't have haem/onc), Canberra (no specialised hospital yet but plans are in process), Melbourne (the afore-mentioned RCH), and Adelaide (Women's & Children's).

    I hope that helps a little. There are a multitude of threads in this section debating the relative merits of the main capitals (predominantly Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide). Good luck
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    Thankyou for that its very helpful! I think i would prefer to work in one of the capital cities! i dont know aus at all so im now considering travelling around before i start work and maybe try to get a job whilst im many different things to think about!
    I would definatley like to stay in my specialilty as i love it so much but we will see! Thankyou for all of the advice, its much appreciated!
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    there are plenty of nursing agencies about that specialise in various things. Just do a search and email some of them. also if you settle in a city you could apply for bank work at the childrens hospital in that city.
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    Hi! I am just about to start the process! Hoping to move to Perth on partners visa. Any info on where to start would be great! It all seems really complicated and I cant find a web site that just says what I need to do to register and be able to work - but I guess that would be too easy lol! Anyway any advice gratefully recieved! Im a reg. adult nurse, worked in ortho for 13yrs and have a BSc.
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    I'm just coming to the end of my mental health nurse training and I really want to work in Australia. The trouble is, I have no idea where to start! I've made a few phone calls and they've all said I need at least two years post reg experience. Are there any options for a newly qualified nurse?

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    Check the AHPRA website as an initial start re registration as a nurse in Australia.
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    Quote from Racheluk1606
    I'm from the uk..with my partner who's an electrician we've got no kids. I'll be 23 when I'm hoping to go over which is around 8 months time I've had 2 years post grad experience in paeds oncology haematology n I've got my degree. I hope this can help you provide me with more info! Thanks xx
    Start your process with AHPRA and then apply Mt Isa - I kid you not we have vacancies right now for nurses and especially paediatric nurses. Your partner could probably get a job in one of the mines and that is VERY good money. Queensland health has special "incentive" packages for people wanting to live here and it does include rent assistance - unfortunately not as much as the rent costs because this is a mining town and rents ARE expensive but hey!! It is a fabulous part of the world and just a stones throw (by Aussie standards) from Lawn Hill

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