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IELTS exam? AHPRA Registration?(frustration) Job offers? Medicals? visas 457 or working holiday visa? Which State? I've received Eligibility for registration (u do not want to know how long it took:rolleyes:- especially for... Read More

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    I'm just coming to the end of my mental health nurse training and I really want to work in Australia. The trouble is, I have no idea where to start! I've made a few phone calls and they've all said I need at least two years post reg experience. Are there any options for a newly qualified nurse?

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    Check the AHPRA website as an initial start re registration as a nurse in Australia.
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    I'm from the uk..with my partner who's an electrician we've got no kids. I'll be 23 when I'm hoping to go over which is around 8 months time I've had 2 years post grad experience in paeds oncology haematology n I've got my degree. I hope this can help you provide me with more info! Thanks xx
    Start your process with AHPRA and then apply Mt Isa - I kid you not we have vacancies right now for nurses and especially paediatric nurses. Your partner could probably get a job in one of the mines and that is VERY good money. Queensland health has special "incentive" packages for people wanting to live here and it does include rent assistance - unfortunately not as much as the rent costs because this is a mining town and rents ARE expensive but hey!! It is a fabulous part of the world and just a stones throw (by Aussie standards) from Lawn Hill