Answering the "eligibility to work in the US" question on job applications

  1. I am a Canadian RN looking to move to the US, specifically Oregon. I have been looking for jobs for months now (the Oregon market is saturated at the moment, so that does not help either) and I've come across this issue several times and I hope someone can help me. Most online applications have a question related to eligibility to work in the US. I will be applying for a TN visa as my work authorization, which you cannot get without a specific job offer. These online applications have different ways of wording the question related to eligibility and sometimes I am not sure how to answer. I had one specific application yesterday that worded it as "Are you authorized to work in the US?" Obviously the way this is worded makes me believe I have to answer "no" as I do not have a visa. After answering the question, the application immediately cut off and would not let me continue. I feel like most online applications will not even consider the applicant if they answer "no" to the eligibility question. I mostly am wondering if there is any way around this that people know of. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Try contacting the facility human resources department for assistance. If I understand correctly the TN visa has no cost to the employer other than the time to interview and hire the prospective employee, creating the required documentation of a bona fide job offer, and subsequent training/orientation. (Unlike EB & H1B visas which the associated costs must be borne by the employer). It's likely that he "automatic reject" is set so to not waste the time of those who require EB/H1B visas that the company has no interest in sponsoring.