American Nurse Practitioners in Canada

  1. Hello All!

    I'm an American currently working toward my BSN. We are seriously considering immigrating to Canada after I obtain my MSN as a nurse practitioner. We are looking at the Vancouver area, btw. Can anyone offer me any information on salaries and employment opportunities for Nurse practitioners in Canada in general and/or that area in particular or any forums for Canadian nurse practitioners.

    Thank You.
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  3. by   nurse_ange1
    Check out the Canadian Nurses Association and the Provincial nursing associations. This will give you more info regarding nurse practioner practice in Canada. The Canadian Nurses Association should be able to give you some salary tables, if not then google for specific unions for the province you are interested in.
  4. by   lalaxton
    Hi SeekingNur,
    I am a Canadian but became an NP while living in the US. Now am back in Canada, in Ontario. If you are looking to move to BC I do know a little bit as I helped their college of nurses review the new standards for NP's. NP's in BC are very new, they just graduated their first class last year! Their scope of practice is quite broad (compared to Ontario) and they are currently using the ANCC certification process so if you are going to get your NP training in the US you should go ahead and get your certification before coming up here. If you are thinking of moving to Ontario, the only US program that Ontario will recognize is the FNP and you would have to write Ontario's 'RN(EC)' (RN in the Extended Class) exam.
    Your best bet for more info is to contact the BC college of nurses for exact information. I'm not sure but they may also only accept certain American specialties such as FNP, ANP and PNP.
    Good luck!
  5. by   silentsiren4
    I know this is an old post but does anyone know anything about Americans getting their nursing degree from Canada..especially looking into the McGill programs. I do not know what I have to do in order to be able to work in the States afterwards? Any help would be welcomed! THanks
  6. by   fox002r
    If you graduated from a Canadian University with your BSN, RN, you are required to write the US boards, NCLEX before being allowed to the work in the US. I am a Canadian nurse. I wrote my NCLEX in order to work in the US. I'm now a FNP from the US and would have to write the Cdn boards for APNs. It goes both ways.