American nurse in South Africa

  1. hi all,

    i'm so confused over here!

    i'm staying in cape town, south africa and i'm an lpn...which (i think) is equivalent to an "enrolled nurse" here in sa.

    i'm wanting to work asap but can't seem to find the information on how to do that. i'm here on a relatives permit, and they said i am legal to work. now that's where i'm stuck. everyone is asking if i am sanc registered...i say no, how do i do that?

    well i scoured the website and found no info on how to register as a foreign nurse. then called them...i was on hold for 15 minutes (three times) before giving up. has anyone successfully worked as an american nurse in sa? if so, how!!??

    new to the it already, btw.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Kayuramor

    I am a LPN.
    You can email and she will give you the info and forms you require.

    Kind regards
  4. by   darkbeauty
    Hi there....I wonder if you have successfully started working. If so, please do share!
  5. by   river-rain
    I have sucessfully registered in south africa. First you have to call and request the registration process or download it from their website. Then you go to the council with all the relevent information if you are not able to go then you can mail it via registered mail. AND THE PROCESS BEGINS. the time length depends on how long the country you were educated in takes to respond back to the council. Hope this info helps
  6. by   ngwekazi
    What is the form and where/which page do you get those??
  7. by   rogue_maverick

    I also need info regarding overseas nurse registration in the south african nursing council.

    emails were already sent to the addresses provided here and the SANC website but it seems they are unable to receive my mails.

    are there any other contact persons whom I can approach?