1. 0 Does anyone have any thoughts on working for a contractor as nurse on the American base in Afghanistan?

    My friend who is an electrical contractor recently went to tbe clinic for sutures, and I have been looking into nursing there. Has anyone done this?
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    As far as I was aware, the military doesn't utilize anything but military nurses downrange. Contractors/DOD Civs/DA Civs are an absolute no-go.
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    Haha you can totally tell I just got off of night shift with that post.

    What was going on in my head was... I had considered contracting previously, but never got anywhere with it. My friend, who is currently another type of contractor, recently got stitched in a clinic, and his experience renewed my interest in it.

    SoldierNurse, I am not exactly sure what you mean as a no-go. Can you elaborate?

    I know I wouldn't be doing anything with the military, they have their own stuff, but the company that runs the clinic for the contractors is intriguing me.
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    No-go as in the military doesn't use civilian nurses downrange. As a contract nurse for the DOD/DA, you'd be stateside.
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    InternationalSOS, the company I'm presently working for here in DRC has at least one clinic that I know of in Afghanistan. The staff ther works on a 4/4 rotation schedule.
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    Will you send me contact information for the company you work for? I am an RN-BSN ms certified.
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