Adaptation in Ireland - How Long?

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    I'm trying to get Registered with the Irish Nursing Board. I've been notified that I must do an Adaptation period, "6 - 12 weeks or beyond" per the letter I received from them. Others have posted on the process involved so I realize my BSN and 20+ years experience does not matter to the Board.
    In the hope of getting Registered in Ireland, I plan on taking a leave from work here, but I need a timeframe.
    Has anyone out there completed an Adaptation in Ireland? How long was your Adaptation? What did it entail? Clinicals? Classes? Did you get Registered? Or did you have to appeal? Did you do it yourself or through an agency??

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  3. by   abbynurse
    hi, just saw your post.I had a very difficult experience with irish nursing board.i needed the adaption program to get registered (after nearly a year of waiting for responses from the board) i think i emailed every hospital and clinic in ireland with my resume and nearly all said they were not taking any new applicants in the program, and others said they were not doing adaptions programs at all currently. I got so fed up that i scratched the idea, and applied to the victoria nursing board in australia and got registered and i am leaving for melbourne in a month. Its a shame, ireland is one of my favorite places in the world, and i was really looking foward to working there, but the healthcare system is a mess right now. But this was 8 months ago, so you might luck out and find something.all the best.