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Hi guys. Brief synopsis of where I'm at in the program: I start my final practicum in January and will be able to work as a grad nurse in April. I am writing the CRNE in June. I have a question about the ACLS course. There is... Read More

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    Not all schools teach and allow students to practice phlebotomy or IV insertion, nor do most hospitals allow unlicensed learners (students) to practice such skills even under direct supervision from their staff. Everyone learns the theory behind such skills but rarely do students get to practice them before orientation to a place of employment. If you got to practice it as a student, you're one of the lucky few.

    Having added knowledge and skills by taking post grad certification will definitely boost your confidence and 'pad' your resume because phlebotomy and IV insertion are essential skills to most hospital care setting.
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    The IV start courses are worthless in my area. The hospital certifies you to start IVs. Every new hire gets a morning with a CNE to run through theory, get three starts and certified. Even the hires with years of experience. No hospital sign off, no iv starting.
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    Thanks for the great replies, insight and discussion.


    Yes it is through Canadian Travel Nurses and the instructor is doing a trip out to Alberta in December for testing. I was on the fence about taking this course and called the instructor to find out how the online learning and testing works etc.

    She answered all my questions and i signed up.

    I've finished the rhythm interpretation and advanced cardiac pharmacology courses and just started part 1 of the ACLS.

    Thus far, I'm really enjoying it and learning heaps!

    It could prove to be beneficial sooner rather then later as I may have a UNE job on a cardiac unit starting this Dec working casually in the winter during my final practicum.

    As for the IV certification. Not sure how it is in other programs but at the U of C we get "certified" before starting our final practicum and can start IV's under the supervision of our preceptor.

    As Fiona pointed out, still need to go through the hospital's iv certification as a new hire.

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