A gret Book for Nurese - check it out!

  1. I just finished Joe Niemczura's book, "The Hospital at the End of the World," and want to recommend it. It is a particularly wonderful read for nurses and nursing students and others in the field of healthcare. If you haven't considered international nursing before, this book will inspire you to consider it! Niemczura'...s book is the story of transition and of his spiritual and professional journey. I found it to be a heartfelt, honest depiction of what nursing in Nepal -- 'out of the bubble' -- is truly like. Niemczura portrays the medical and nursing staff of the Tansen hospital as compassionate, competent and knowledgeable, however, throughout the book the reader becomes acutely aware of the scarcity of resources available for the medical practice in less developed countries when compared to Western societies. I hope that many nurses and nursing students will pick up a copy and be inspired to go out into the world and practice the art and the science of nursing outside their home countries. The life you change WILL be your own!
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  3. by   paacollins
    I'm going to look for that book. Isn't it shame that in a place like Nepal, where resources are surely to be very scarce, you find loads of compassion but in the states, where we have the some of the best technology and resources in the world, you find so little compassion among healthcare personnel? I'm not saying all of us are like that because I know some of us are very compassionate and caring people, but I have worked in many different fields: retail, healthcare, construction, teaching, sales, and I have found less compassion in healthcare than in any or them expcept for maybe sales. lol I'm interested in reading this book as it should be an interesting read. Thank you for recommending it.