What is your organization's policy on catheter extensions?

  1. According to the INS, catheter extensions should be changed with the catheter, with each administration set replacement, OR as defined by the organization...

    So, what is your organization's policy?
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  3. by   MunoRN
    We consider any extensions or add-on devices to be part of the administration set and changed with the administration set. We change both our IV sets and our IV's every 4 days. We do differ a bit from the INS in that we don't change the administration set at 24 hours because the set was disconnected to add an extension.
  4. by   Anna Flaxis
    Thank you!

    To clarify, I'm trying to find reliable info on whether the use of extensions leads to a greater incidence of CLABSI.

    Our policy for PICC lines specifically is that the extension and needleless cap are changed at the time of dressing change, which is weekly and PRN if soiled/loose/etc.
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  5. by   MunoRN
    I'm not aware of anything that specifically shows extension sets increase infection risk. Adding an extension set does involve some manipulation of the connections which we know include a contamination risk. Once it's connected it shouldn't be any different since it's now just long tubing.

    For PICC lines, the main extension we use is a SOLO PICC adapter for transducing CVP's, we change that with the pressure line tubing.
  6. by   Anna Flaxis
    Thanks, that was my thought too.