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Is anybody using an ultrasound machine (like the Sonosite) for finding/starting peripheral IV's. I did my first one the other night, deep brachial in a man who had bilateral forearm trauma and... Read More

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    At the 2009 AVA conference there was a presentation on this with suggestions for current guidelines....I outlined in a PM..let me see if I can find that and send it..ironically our policies matched . I know ours came from the "school of hard knocks"
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    we have had similar needs with difficult access patients. in the past we would place piccs in anyone needing access or a power injection procedure. starting over a year and a half ago, i began researching and identifying products and techniques that would be helpful in meeting our needs. i have now developed a procedure to place deep vein pivs that are safe, can be power injected and used for 7-10 days.

    i would love to go into detail, but i am a believer of evidence-based practice. my physicians have approved the procedure step by step and now i am going to collect the data from chart reviews. i have placed over 200 "deep vein piv' so the numbers should have some weight. it will take time, but patient safety is more important.

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    Madam PICC and iluvivt,

    I am working on a sonosite iv learning module for my ED, would either you be able to send me copies of your institutions policy/procedure for us placed peripheral ivs? Only a few MDs in my ED and even fewer RNs have been using this technique. We currently have the sonosite Mturbo.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

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    I have been doing this for years now as an ER and Sicu nurse coordinator, and nurse manager in a large level 1 trauma center and we have the titan but only the IV team, ER, and ICU nurse coordinators and charge nurses are trained to do it. It is a very advanced procedure and not every nurse should be do it on a routine basis.
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    My facility is also trying to incorporate a policy and procedures for ultrasound IV, my director has left it up to me to get the ball rolling. Any info would be greatly appreciated. My email is LarsenTrevor@gmail.com if you have any thing to send me in right direction! thanks
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    Is there a special needle to order the 1 and 3/4 needle and 2.5 inch needle. Or can we use the extra needle found in the Bard PICC Kit?

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