Outline of PICC seen thru skin?

  1. Hi, I'm an RN with almost no PICC experience and have been unable to find the answer to this question: My elderly father had a PICC placed last month and he mentioned last night he is able to see the outline of the PICC line running under his skin. I came over to look and he is right! It is especially prominent from the upper right arm to his right chest. Is it normal to be able to visualize the outline of a PICC thru the skin from outside his body? Thanks for any information you can provide?
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  3. by   iluvivt
    Yes its OK...I suspect he may run on the thin side and/or it was placed in the Cephalic vein which runs shallow all the way up the arm and on some people into their chest wall area.....as long as there is no inflammation or pain along the course of the vein or other problems all is OK
  4. by   nursejaybird
    Thank you so much for the info. Its true he is on the thin side and very fair skin color. No pain or redness so sounds like he is good thanks again!