Other ways to hydrate kids?

  1. Other than oral/NG tube (vomiting) or IV (can't get a line) are there any other ways to give fluids to kids?
    I've heard of SQ infusions, do these have to go at such a slow rate that it wouldn't help?

    There might be lots of contraindications for this....but vets will often give moderate amounts of fluid IM (20-75mL depending on the size of animal) Anyone ever heard of this?
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  3. by   iluvivt
    What you are talking about is called Hypodermoclysis or for some of us old folk "clysis". Generally speaking, this is not a good option for children if the goal is hydration. you will usually see this ordered for pain contro; with MS or Dilaudid and there are a few other drugs that can be given this way. Yes you can give hydration this way in adults. It needs to be plain IVFs without KLC, Magnesium or any other drug that could cause tissue damage. You are basically infiltrating the IVF. The patients body mass also has to support the clysis. You need to use large flat surfaces,such as the thigh. as you can see b/c of an infants or childs size and lack of body fat this could pose some problems so I do not see this used in this population.
  4. by   accessqueen
    I used to work in a clinic with an "old" doc and we had a lot of sickle cell pt, who had no veins whatsoever. He would have us insert a foley as a rectal tube and slowly infuse IV fluids that way. The mucosal lining of the rectum easily absorbed the fluid. Dont remember the rate though.