On call PICC nurse? Does such a thing exist?

  1. I'm currently a nurse in interventional radiology. We place picc lines (however the institution that I'm in currently does not let nurses do picc lines)

    I want to get certified in PICC line insertion. I was told by a coworker from my old job that there are nurses that are on call for PICC line insertion. (For example for nursing homes)

    How do I find out if such a job exists..(i'm in brooklyn NY) .I'd love to do this in my spare time... any info would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Binkey
    One way is to contact your local pharmacies and ask them if they hire RN's who have good IV skills (because they will want you to have that as a prereq).
    Omnicare is one company that services LTC facilities and they have nurses who are on call FT or PT or per-diem and many go around and place hard to get peripheral IV's and midline and PICC's. If they have an education dept, they may "certify" you as well for their placement.
    Hope this helps.
  4. by   KEVIN88GT
    Thanks for the suggestion...went on the omnicare site but they dont seem to be looking for any nurses in NY as per their jobs section....I might give them a call though.... and as far as calling pharmacies in Brooklyn...do u mean small mom and pop places or the large ones...duane reade...CVS....wallgreeens?
  5. by   iluvivt
    If you want to stay at your facility I would put a proposal in place to allow for specialized nursing staff to place PICCs. If you do not want to go through all those hoops I would advice you to find a job working on a PICC/IV team to get the experience b/c watching a PICC insertion and then doing one are completely different things. Once you have the experience and you are sure it is something you want to continue to pursue you can find a job in this area. You have to be very skilled,independent and flexible to work in this manner. I have been placing PICCS since 1989 and for many years I placed them for my perdiem jobs in patient homes, and our infusion suite. It sounds like you want to work for a company that services nursing homes,smaller hospitals and MD offices. In these situations you will most likely be expected to place these by yourself,wait for the chest X-ray verification.and teach patient and staff the appopriate care. In addition to making sure the line is placed properly you must make certain that the PICC will be able to be maintained properly and per the current standard of care.
  6. by   emmietom
    I have been employed as an "on call" PICC nurse for the last 6 years. I am currently employed in the State of Texas. We are considered self employed, but contracted with an agency. The agency has the contracts with the hospitals. we specifically go into hospitals, but on an occasion go into a nursing home. We do not have contracts with the nursing home, but have a contract with the pharmacy that supplies the nursing home. Some hospitals have their own PICC team. That would be my first place to start. Or,, google PICC teams. If you still are in need of information. If you would send me your email address and name and number, I can get it to my boss, I know we are going nationwide withour company. He might be able to work something out with you...
    Thanks.. hope this helps..

  7. by   KEVIN88GT
    how's the pay? May I ask how much they reimburse you per pic placement?
  8. by   emmietom
    kevin, well,, the average going rate around these parts, anywhere from 100 up.. some of the other area's have different rates for different times. I have had some of the hospital nurses say such things like, " you got it made, making 200 or 300 per picc" well, if I ever find such an agency,, i'm changing jobs! LOL no we don't make that much... but the money is good, when the piccs are to be had.. it's like everything else, seasonal,, and depends unfortunatly on sick people...
  9. by   classicdame
    you might contact an infection control specialist or oncologist. They are the primary docs who utilize this service outside the hospital. Nursing homes might get you in touch with MD's who order them most frequently.