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No blood return from it a problem?? - page 2

I'm in home health and have a pt who recently had a PICC inserted for IV ABX infusion d/t osteomylitis. I tried drawing labs from PICC (singe lumen) but was unsuccessful. I was able to get less than... Read More

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    IVRUS....... So busy getting my daughter through her first year of high school...she is doing on- line high school with me as her learning coach. I have retaken the CRNI test again and have been studying all things IV..placing PICCs with ECK technology. I will PM you bcause I really would love to have your opinion on a CVC problem that we are having that is really beginning to annoy me..would that be OK?
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    Anytime... It is so good to know that you are okay. PM me anytime.
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    With respect to home care nurses, The INS 2011 (, p.83)has an algorithm pertaining to persistent withdrawal conclusion strategies. However I strongly agree with the other posts that suggest investigating this issue further and the need for tPa, a line-o-gram etc to confirm that correct tip location.
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