Midline kits

  1. At the outpatient imaging center where I work we are getting a fair number of midline catheter requests. We just use a PICC kit and cut the catheter shorter. I am wondering if anyone uses specific midline kits for placement if so what brand?

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  3. by   accessqueen
    DO NOT cut down a PICC. Someone is going to think it's a picc, because it looks like a picc and they will hook up TPN or something equally innappropriate. Seen it happen too many times. BARD for one makes midline kits. I know other companies do too.
  4. by   iluvivt
    AG is correct...you do not want to do this,it is BAD practice. The IFUs (instructions for use) from the manufacturer state that it is a PICC and it should be used as one. you are violating the acceptable standard of care. You need to be aware that midlines have a very limited use.....ONLY isotonic or near isotonic IV solutions can be administered through this type of catheter..You should NEVER administer anything that has a Ph of less than 5 or greater than 9. For example vancomycin Ph can range from about 2.4-4.5 so it should never be given through a Midline. You would be suprised how many nurses MDs and pharmacist are not aware of this. I rarely use them anymore except when the patients IV medications meet the stated criteria. I found all to often whan I used to place more than I do now..that medications were changed so frequently that I would place one for an acceptable IV medication...it would get changed to something unacceptable and they would use it anyway...so our team rarely places them anymore.......If you wnat to still place them you need to use a product that is labeled as a midline catheter..they are available and you need to read the IFus for any product you are using.