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IV Therapy Certification Classes?

  1. 0 Anyone know where and how to get IV training in the San Joaquin Valley, Cali.? I just moved here from Washington and need to get certified . Please help!
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    Need iv certification where can i find a class metro Detroit area?
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    Quote from angiebcs
    Need iv certification where can i find a class metro Detroit area?
    Perhaps you might want to post your question on the Michigan Nurses' Forum. Good luck!

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    Quote from krystyl
    Anyone know where and how to get IV training in the San Joaquin Valley, Cali.? I just moved here from Washington and need to get certified . Please help!
    If you haven't done so already, you might want to post your question on the California Nurses Forum.

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    I would love to find an IV certification class in Arkansas. I just moved here and am horirble with IV starts. I almost cried the other day when I couldnt' get two again
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    I did mine through one of those places that does CPR and education CEU'S. Check with your education dept or call your outpatient IV therapy dept and ask them. I have been a nurse 20 years and when moved here had no IV skills. I asked the advice of my nurse friends and had them give me tips. I am very proficient now and really honed the skill working pre-op room. We had to start 18g on everyone and we have a lot of elderly here . I wanted the certification as I thought it would be beneficial.
    The course wasn't beneficial to me. The instructor bungled by misidentifying a couple of lines. Her lines were older models and she wasn't really sure of a couple of lines. We did a "live "stick on a mannequin arm. I felt so bad for 2 lpn's doing the class. She gave them a hard time during the procedure and wasnt really giving direct supervision. 1 poor girl ended up with the red food coloring squirting all over her blouse.When i left the 2 lpn's were still there. I got 30 ceu's and a certificate for what it is worth on paper. It wasnt that beneficial. I suggest pairing up with someone who is proficient or if your hosp has IV team going with them for a few hours. Or call outpatient IV therapy and ask if you can come over and watch. Lastly I hate to say this ...sometimes the newer nurses do their first insertions on patients that are kinda older...a little out of it....sorry. Once you know the technique and learn tips from the experienced nurses its practice ,practice and more practice. You will get it.
    good luck
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    I would love to find how to get and where can i get I.V. Certificate in Nourth NJ
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    maor...just do google search for IV certification new jersey or type in zip and the names of some companies should show up. Also ask your hosp education dept.
    good luck
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    I am also a nurse for over 20 years and never had to insert IV's but I now have to learn. I will try to pair up with someone to learn. I tried to learn on the manequin but it did not lelp.
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    The best places to learn IV skills is on live peeps. The manequins are a joke. Ask your manager if she can coordinate with a pre-op or ER to give you some time. IV sticks is a practiced and learned art. A class will give you the text book version but you need the real deal to get comfortable. Also ask your co workers if they will let you practice on them. We have had a ton of new grads join us this past summer and all of them are wondering around begging other nurses to allow a stick. I am not that brave but many have been.
    Good luck!
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    Everyone: Check with your facility Educator. If they don't teach the course they still may know about one. Also, Same Day Surgery, GI lab and other areas are good places to learn. Can you get precepted in another area in order to learn this skill?
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    I cannot find any iv certification class in northern , nj.
    Am I missing something.
    Please tell me where can I get this certification in nj or ny.
    I am willing to travel to achieve my certification.

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    Go to Infusion Nurses Society web page and they often have a list of classes available. Are you looking for PICC certification or peripheral cert. This will be 2 different classes. Alot of hospitals or facilities will offer a "ceritification" class that gives you a couple days of theory and practice that will help you develop your skills and even hear some great secrets and tips from more seasoned nurses. You can also look in the ad section in the back of trade journals (nursing spectrum and Advance to name a couple of freebies) but they often list certification courses. Good luck.