IV Certification Classes for RN

  1. Hi guys, I just passed NCLEX and I was wondering if it's really required for RNs to have IV certification? If so, do you know any schools that offer this class or training in Southern California? I've been looking online but I'm not sure which ones are the best. Thank you.
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  3. by   mel_anne88
    hi princesskhym. did you figure out the answer to your question? im also a new rn and i also want to know more about that matter.
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    You can start I.V.s as an RN. You do not need any extra training. More than likely you will have to be observed starting X amount of I.V. when you first get hired before you can start them without supervision as part of your orientation.
  5. by   alicecen
    It may be true that in the past, and currently some RNs do not do take training classes to insert IV catheters. But in my opinion; it is better to be trained. Although it is a common nursing procedure - it is invasive and unfortunately too many nurses have poor skills. At best poor skills may result in being unable to insert a catheter in a patient with good venous access, and at worst poor skills can be a cause of a patient complication. IV access guidelines and standards change and are updated frequently, and we've come a long way from the days of "see one, do one" for our IV access nursing skills orientation.

    I am not saying that it is a necessity to take an outside class. Fortunately, hospitals in general have come a long way and are aware of the value of teaching new nurses good techniques in this area, and they will often have nurse IV specialists that are developing or involved in the development of policy and education in this area. Because of this hospitals will often offer an IV insertion class as part of your orientation education before you are precepted in performing your initial insertions.

    I do a lot of IV insertion training and I can tell you that most of our course attendees are experienced nurses that have already learned the old way without an education class. Sorry, off the soap box now.

    If you do not take an IV class; at minimum where ever you work I'd suggest reviewing policy and procedures prior to precepting in the procedure and if I were a new grad today- I would also review a copy of the Infusion Nurse Society Standards of Practice. You can probably borrow a copy from your employing facility's IV department. You can also purchase a copy from INS; their website is: http://www.ins1.org

  6. by   Curran_mary
    Anyone knows of a good iv therapy program in west palm beach area for s new grad?