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    I am pulling my hair out!!!
    I am almost done with my RN, but I dont feel I was provided with enough IV training so I want to find somewhere where I can be trained or even better certified for IV training. Does anyone know who does this? Any community college, training center, ect.....

    Thank you so much for any information!!!!


    P.S O live on the Iowa/illinois border, willing to travel, I am a few hours from Chicago or Iowa City

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    You are so right. "They" expect a RN to come out of school and just "know it all" and be able to put all of the pieces together regarding IV therapy.. but the truth is, we don't get the needed information during our schooling. I would recommend that you try your Omnicare Pharmacy in Chicago. Currently, I can't provide you with a phone number, but try contacting pharmacies in the Chicago area and see if they are owned by Omnicare. If so, Omnicare usually provides a comprehensive IV Therapy course to both LPN's and RNs.
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    Thank you so much!!!!!

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    Along with my PICC responsibilities, I do a few other things at my hospital. One of them is to teach IV's. This all sortof came about as I tend to be a pretty good stick and people would ask me to start theirs or teach them how i do it. I was formally a cathlab nurse for many years, and we just started a lot of iv's. Now I teach it. RN's typically get very little education regarding sticks. I think if you find a nurse at your hospital who has the knack for it, hang out with her for a bit, you'll pick up on it. After that its just a matter of acquiring the skill and using it. If you don't use it, you'll lose it!
    Have a great day!
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    Look on your Board website for a list of providers; you should look on the LPN site. If there isn't a list of providers there, then do an internet search for your area.
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    I have done tons of search's with no luck! Running out of ideas.... I cant believe this is so hard!
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    Where do you live that there are no providers in the area? You may have to book a class in a large city and travel to get this accomplished.
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    In nursing spectrum magazine is an ad for Gannett Education for all kinds of IV classes. Go to nurse.com/events for more info.
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    Galena Nurse:
    I wish I could help you.... I am the Infusion Nurse Educator at Omnicare of Northern Illinois (thanks IVRUS for the plug). Unfortunately we no longer are able to have nurses attend who are not from a long term care facility we service. How can I help you on the side?
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