Interview for an IV team - Any advice?

  1. Hi all,

    I have an interview for an IV team this week and am wondering if anyone has an advice as far as what to know or what to ask?

    I have experience as an ER RN and as a paramedic, so lots of experience inserting peripherals, but none when it comes to midlines and PICCs.

    Any recomendations as far as what to know going in would be great! Thank you!

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  3. by   IVRUS
    Are you interviewing for a Hospital IV team, Home Infusion, or what?

    Many ER nurses may have tons of experience with peripherals and ML/PICC's, but have you been doing it the right way? Have you been aware of Infusion standards and worked accordingly?
    I would want to know how much education they will provide you, and do they support the CRNI (Certified Registered Nurse Infusion)certification for Registered Nurses, ie... Will they pay for your contact hours (40 every three years) to attend the meetings to maintain this certification once you successfully pass the examination. Or, do the support AVA?

    How many PICC's will you need to do, after the didactic and hands-on before your deemed "competant"?

    In home care, are you autonomous in your teaching? Be well versed with your P&P of the employing institution.
    Just a few thoughts.