how many access devices

  1. Can someone tell me how many idfferent types of vascular access devices there are? peripheral, PICC, groshong etc.....
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  3. by   PICC ACE
    OK,I'll give this a shot....
    Subcutaneous: Insulin and pain med pumps,clysis,etc.
    Venous:1. Good ol' peripheral IV's in dozens of shapes,sizes and colors.
    2. Midline catheter.
    3. PICC. Again,dozens of shapes,colors and sizes.
    4. CVC. Ideally centrally-placed,anyhow. Insertion site could be neck,chest,femoral or other places depending on the central vein used and age/size of pt. Could be tunnelled or not.
    5. Special use lines :SwanGanz,hemodialysis,aquapheresis,umbilical,shea ths for procedures like heart cath or TPA'ing a vessel.
    Intraosseous: Not too common,but IO route is used for Peds and in some rare adult cases.
    Arterial:Usually for monitoring but there are lines used for chemo that is to go into the hepatic artery. Also umbilical here,too.
    Implanted devices: Central ports and arm ports.
    Hemodialysis shunt: Surgically-implanted alternative for HD.
    That's all I can think of for now--sure I missed a few.