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Hello! I jus started a new job as an at home infusion nurse. They have asked me to draw some labs while I am there. My question is: how do I know which vials to use and how many I need? I have drawn blood before but lab always... Read More

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    I learned an easy way to remember draw order. Red first, then go by Alphabet A-Z.

    I only know the most common colors. Blue-Coags, Lavender-CBC, Green- CMP/BMP/Mag/lytes, Gray-Lactic Acid(must be sent on ice)

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    I am a home infusion nurse also - and every lab kit I have dealt with tells you which tube to use for each test. It's printed on the requisition form ! Check your agency's policy though....we draw the rainbow in case the doctor wants to run another test that isn't originally ordered (saves us a 2nd trip to the patient). Good Luck!
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    A couple that you don't see as often: BNP, ESR: Lav. CRP: light green. D-dimer: light blue. Ammonia: lav on ice. All of these are the colors for the lab at my hospital, but, as others have mentioned, you need to check with the lab running the sample (for example, a year or so ago, my hospital's lab went from running BMPs/CMPs in a gold tube to doing them in a light green tube).

    In addition, for our lab, we have a sheet with each lab test (probably approx 100) and what tube it goes in. Some have a preferred tube with 1, 2, or 3 "secondary" choices (i.e. something should go in a light green tube, but it can be run if it is in a lav tube). And as soon as I think I have the correct tube(s) figured out, they change or I encounter a test I have drawn for before.

    Again, ask the lab in question.
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    Yea, our labels tell us what colors to use.

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