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east coast people

  1. 0 So I am an oncology infusion nurse, currently living in Seattle. I am strongly considering a move to the eastcoast, needing a change! Does anyone who has lived, worked or spent time in Boston or NYC have any reccomendations regarding facilities to look into???
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    I have worked at BIDMC and Mass General, both in Boston and liked them. I have worked NYP-Cornell which was good and BIMC in Manhattan which I would not recommend.

    Be aware that there are many nurses and few jobs in either locale so competition is stiff. And the first three on that list stronger prefer either a BSN or substantial experience. And both cities have a high COL, though they tend to pay.
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    Great, thank you for the information; gives somewhere to start looking. Currently working on the BSN, one more quarter, and working on my OCN certification. Hopefully that will make me a competitive applicant when I begin searching. Competition is very stiff out here too, a lot of nurses not finding work.
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    Have you thought of travel nursing to get your foot in the door somewhere that you are considering? That can help expose you to many different hospitals. I am new at travel nursing, but when I had a hard time getting a job in the Boston area, I signed up with a travel company. For the time being, I stay in the local area and it's so much easier than looking for a job. Good luck to you. I love Boston!