Do I have to flush before withdrawing a blood from a PICC even a 0.9 Nacl + k running - page 2

I did not practice nursing for almost 4 yrs, and just started working again as nurse 2 days ago :)) it's my first time to draw blood from a picc, just wondering, if there is an IV running through the PICC like 0.9% NaCl + K 40... Read More

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    Yes ..I agree on the volume...2 x the priming volume of the line is adequate as I stated. I was addressing all types of CVCs for the most part since a blood draw will be similar for all with some slight variations. Checking into the vacutainer issue as well since I think you can use it under certain circumstances,,will post when I am done checking my resources. Some hospitals will state a specific volume in their policies to cover all types of CVCs.

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    Quote from mspurple
    i see. i though since there is an IV running it's okay not to flush. if the PICC line is not use i will for sure flush it before drawing blood. anyway thanks guys!
    I know this is an old tread but isn't this wrong? I would think that if there was anything other than NS running it should be flushed. The OP said that this fluid had K+
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    That should be based on assessment and the answer to that may also be based on the type of CVC you are dealing with. Generally if it is a valved catheter with the valves in the external tails such as a BARD SOLO I tend to flush before to verify patentcy especially if the lumen has been locked off. I do find that the valved catheters tend to draw a bit easier once I do a pre-flush. If you start to perform a discard and are having problems...stop..and flush so you can get a feel for the flush pressure..if it feels tight based upon the lumen size you have then there is a problem.

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