Data Collection

  1. Hello,
    Anyone doing data collection for PICC insertions. Question?
    When a PICC is placed at the bedside and the nurse has to go back to retract R/T length adjustment does this count as successful insertion.
    I was under the assumption any PICC placed at the bedside was successful as long as the patient did not have to go to IR for repostition. any thoughts on this.
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  3. by   iluvivt
    Yes this would count as a successful PICC insertion. You have a usable line that you repositioned to the low SVC. Depending upon what specific data you are looking at you can collect infromation on the percentage of the time you place it in the distal SVC (ie. 80% of the time we place them in the distal SVC). Please remember that everybody is a little different inside and even though you consistently measure the same way,you may be too long or short because someone has a short or long SVC or any other vessel for that matter.
  4. by   rnseb65
    I say any time you walk out of the patient's room with a PICC line in the SVC it is a successful placement. SUE
  5. by   maciv
    Any time you place a Picc and it dwells within the lower third of the SVC,despite readjustment, is successful.