Cordis Removal in a Tele Unit

  1. Hey there. Hoping to get information from other telemetry units and/or infusion nursing about cordis removal. What I actually would like to know is, Are there any tele units that d/c these lines? Haven't been able to find info yet and we are trying to add this to our skill set where I work. Please let me know, thanks. Erika
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  3. by   MunoRN
    Our tele unit D/C's Cordis introducers fairly regularly since all of our open hearts come from ICU with an IJ introducer and we usually continue to use them until just prior to D/C. There is some controversy on our tele unit about the use of introducers outside of ICU which we have yet to resolve, AACN recommends using introducers only with patient ratios that do not exceed 1:2. As somebody who's walked into a room to find that a patient has pulled their own IJ, I can attest to the fact that it's pretty sketchy having an introducer in on a patient when their one of 5 or 6 patients that you have.

    Aside from unplanned removals by patients, we haven't had any issues with tele Nurses D/C'ing introducers. It's the same premise as D/C'ing a regular IJ or subclavian, it's just a much bigger line.
  4. by   eszell
    Thank you so much for your quick reply, which state are you in? I'm in California. Perhaps I could get some guidelines from you MunoRN, Erika