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I just got my CRNI certification. My IV insertion skills are the best in my entire hospital. If I can't get a peripheral IV line, the patient will need a central line because nobody else will be able... Read More

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    Thanks, I thought that was probably what you meant, but I wasn't sure.
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    No really, but want s to know where you get your certification from. I am interested in the certification
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    Quote from susy67
    Thank you very much. I already applied to transfer to oncology unit. As soon as there's an opening the position is mine. Also after following Brittne advise, I applied for a job in home infusion and I got it. As you said, the certification and the IV insertion skills looks very good in the resume. What they do is to assign the chemotherapy patients to nurses that have experience in oncology. They tested my knowledge on neoplastic drugs, including side effects, category, complications, etc.. and I did very good, so they will provide orientation. I will be visiting oncology patients with the oncology nurse for some time. In my medical surgical floor we work with these patients but not very often. I have administered oncology drugs and have floated to oncology units also. Thanks again for offering your expertise. I am loving it so much. I am also planning to take the CRNI test every three years to keep current because things keep changing so fast. I hope we can keep in touch. Given your vast experience I know I can learn a lot from you. Thanks for being a professional willing to share her knowledge. I already admire you.
    Good for you!
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    Quote from nokeh
    No really, but want s to know where you get your certification from. I am interested in the certification
    If you are asking about the CRNI certification, one can get it by going to this website and finding a testing area/time nearest to you. www.ins1.org

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