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Just have to ask this question. Can a non-licensed person (not an LVN LPN or RN) insert a heploc/start an IV? Is there any "special certification" for a medical assistant to obtain which would... Read More

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    Quote from fmoore723
    WOW--the MA that pushed Demerol---thats scary. Im currently an LPN--in school for RN and cant push IV meds PERIOD (Nurse Practice Act) and wouldnt want to without the proper training to counteract the effects (MA). I dont so much agree with the statement of anyone can do anything the MD asks--because if something happens you can still be held liable for the damage thats done and if brought to court, you cant just say--"Well, the MD told me to". I used to work for a Perinatologist who also did advising for Malpractice Court Cases---I learned ALOT from him in the CYA ballfield. Basically, what I learned from him is to act as if every patients chart will be taken to court some day and you will have to testify as to what you did and why--and make sure that information is there so that you can explain it thoroughly. Made us work a little harder--but probably would save our butts in court if needed.

    I suppose a MA or the like can take a class to become IV certified, but not actually be licensed.
    Absolutely!! Licensed nurses, (LPN and RN), are held accountable for their own actions.
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    You might want to check with your State Board to identify what your scope of practice is. It will be even harder to swallow if you get called to court. In California only an RN can push meds through an IV. "because the doctor said to" will not save you when on a witness stand.
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    I guess in some states, MA's can get certified. I am a MA and I can give injections, except for narcotics
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    We did many IV's in the Military as med techs on base with blood draws. I worked in Dr's offices as a civilian at the time too and I found out that I was allowed to do what ever the Dr needed I did x-rays blood draws and IV starts I was not licensed at the time. Later I took the LPN test while I was in school for RN.
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    I was told in MI that MA can now do venipuncture and do IV pushes, as long as they are certified. IS this true?
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    I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist, in other words I have my Associates degree and I am a licensed x-ray tech. I also took beginning and advanced phlebotomy including clinical training. I know work at an urgent care clinic in Arkansas. I am on the job trained as a MA. I take pt hx, vitals, and assist Dr's with procedures. I draw labs, call in prescriptions, & administer medications as ordered by the Dr. What I do not do is draw or administer narcotics & start, maintain, or push meds for an IV. I am interested in being trained (with certification) to start and maintain an IV, but I do not even want to take on the responsibility of pushing meds via IV. It would be very helpful in our companies clinics as well as make me a more helpful, knowledgeable and desired employee.

    If anyone knows where I might be able to achieve this certification without becoming a nurse I would appreciate it. I do not want a nurses job, responsibility, or to take away from what a nurse is. I simply want to learn how to become certified to start and end an IV. I am well trained in sterile technique. I understand it's dire importance and adhere to such practice whenever called upon to do so in performing my job.

    Thank you,
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    Hi, Carrie. I would see if the U of A would let you take a block of instruction from their paramedic program; some community colleges might allow it, if UA won't.

    My IV experience came about via my phlebotomy- I was doing all of the sticks in the ED, so the Nurse Manager essentially said, "If you can stick somebody, why can't you leave something useful behind...?" I was trained by the RNs, and it was added to my job description.
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    Thank you. I will look into that. I'm working full time and do not want to give that up, but if I can take on-line classes for any basics I might still need as requirements and then maybe 1 day a week go in....I could do that. Thank you again!
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    Hi everyone I am currently trying to find an IV certification class online or in the class room. I work for a hospice agency in ms but have ar license and the only class availabe requires I have a letter of support from the local hospital( not happening since I dont work there) ANY ideas would be helpful. Thanks A lott

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