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    Hello Everyone,
    I wanted to know if anyone is familiar with the posion control specialist role?:innerconf i wanted to know would that role be a good way for nurse to get her foot in the door if she was interested in epidemology and infection control nursing?

    Also which degree would be more helpful--MSN or MPH?? and why?? If anyone in particuliarly has their Masters in Public Health PLEASE respond...I need some clarity as to what decision to make.

    Thank you.

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    I work in poison control. I wouldn't say it has much in common with either epidemiology or infection control. But it probably would be closer to epidemiolgy if I stretched it a bit.

    As far as poison control education goes, you don't need a masters, although it wouldn't hurt, of course. A few people I work with have masters degrees...one has an MSN, one has a masters in chemisty, one in something else science related.

    I'm trying to figure out what I want to do at this point, too. Thinking of NP vs. PA vs. MD vs. PharmD, lol.

    I really like poison control. It's very interesting. We got to learn a lot of science I didn't know before. I also enjoy telling people what to do!
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    Oh, you can check out www.aapcc.org
    It's the national poison centers website, basically.

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