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Hello. Is there a difference between an infectious disease nurse and an infection control nurse, or do those titles represent the same person? I always thought an ID nurse was a nurse that just worked in ID, while an IC... Read More

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    Great to hear from someone in Brazi. I am interviewing for a position next week. I have a BSN, with a soon to be Biostatistics certificate, and some pharma stats programming experience. I love longitudinal studies, HL7 and SAS programming and see this as a chance to do what I am passionate about. Thoughts? Thanks.
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    How did you interview go? You sound like a shoe in for this type of position. I am also sort of frustrated that the only place for Infection preventionists to post in Allnurses is under Infectious Disease.....

    Every day in my hospital, I am told that I should know this and that drug, and am asked for recommendations on drug therapy for patients. I remind people that they need to call the ID team. I'm here for surveillance, to identify trends, educate staff and ensure compliance with our policies (and some other things). I do many things, but I do not treat or recommend drug therapy for patients. Arrrugh. My favorite moment of mis-understanding of this was when I was told last week- oh you need to know the treatments for neutropenic fever for your certification exam. I asked that person when was the last time she looked at content for the CIC exam.