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  1. Hello, I am a Rn who is also a nursing mother. A week ago I got a what I thought was a bug bite on my breast. I left it alone as I didn't want to open anything where my baby nurses. Well it grew and after a few days I had streaking. I went to my ob who put me on keflex since i was nursing and said i had cellulitits. i took the keflex and it kept growing. i called the on call md and he doubled my keflex dose and told me to do cabbage leaves for swelling. the next day it grew more and it bust open leaking pus. I stopped nursing on that side and went to the ed. they did a culture gave me one dose of septra iv and gave me a septra ds bid rx. i also had a sharps debridement to the abcess. well my fever and chills are gone but the redness has not receded, how quickly does this normally occur? I am pumping and dumping just enough to avoid engorgement on that side and have been on the septra for two days now and their is minimal difference in the size of inflammation. could pumping be making it worse, the abcess is right next to my areola so i had to get a bigger shield to avoid rubbing the opening. oye, they told me it is probably mrsa. this sucks! i could use some advice. thanks.
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  3. by   Rascal1
    Wow, I just read your post because it picqued (sp)? my curiosity. I have had a very similiar situation , which recurred a month later. ? Mine was found to be MRSA+... I'm also an RN. And I did also notice your post is an older one...oops.(May 2010)

    Please let me know how you're doing now ? And how's your baby doing ? God Bless and Hugs.