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Hello, I am due to start the LPN-BSN program at Indiana State University in the fall of 2012 and decided to start a thread for fellow students who may be starting around the same time so that we... Read More

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    I received my official acceptance notification into the ISU LPN-BSN Program.
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    I just received my phone call!!!!
    I'm so excited, can't wait to start!
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    I too am so excited about the program. Now i'm ready to go shopping for uniforms etc.
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    I had planned on taking 2 classes in the fall, but my fiance and I are expecting our first child in February and I don't want to be overwhelmed. So I may stick to just taking the Transitions course. I heard both classes can be brutal, so I'll pace myself and see what their nursing classes are like before I double up.
    I'm taking two classes over the summer (Pathophysiology and Bio-Ethics), and they are both brutal in their own right.
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    congrats to you guys.i hope to get the same news like you by nov as well.i have medsurg and peds to finish first.congrats once again!
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    I am also accepted for the 2012 ISU LPN to BSN.
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    Congratulations! What state are you located in?
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    I am from Colorado
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    i am wondering if you can pick a clinical site where u already work??
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    i am been proscrastinating for years but i know i have to complete my goal of rn
    i am thinking why not go all the way with the bsn, before i call the school and set
    myself up, does anyone know if they take old credits no matter how old?
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    Yes, previous credits transfer.
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    Not necessarily so. Only a transcript evaluation and a DARS will provide you with a definitive answer. Send official transcripts to ISU for an evaluation.
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