Nursing 328 Nursing Care for Child and Family ISU

  1. I am seeking some advice on this module. This will be my 3rd exam, and I heard from most students that this exam is the toughest one. I am constantly reviewing the quizzes and going back to the chapters. Does anyone have any tips on what to focus on? Any responses will be appreciated.
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  3. by   Nursetomd2016
    I have a question since you already took the first two exams please?do you have to get accepted into the school before you can take the mental health exam which is the first class?Thank you in advance.
  4. by   ubski
    Yes, you have to get accepted first before you can take any of the exams.
    Complete their prerequisites, pay the $25, get an acceptance letter from ISU, and contact ***** ****** once you've finished. She conducts the payments and exams. You can ask her for all testing matters regarding the 4 modules that need to be completed before the deadlines. (June 1st or November 1st).

    Hope this helps!
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  5. by   Nursetomd2016
    Thank you for your help.I applied already and they have all that they needed for admission requirement.I am waiting for the acceptance letter(does that come in mail or via e-mail?).I have all the prerequisites and am starting with mental health first based on the college network evaluation.Do you have Carol Layton's contact number?ifso,i can you inbox me.Were you able to get the help you needed for your initial question?I appreciate your help.
  6. by   Nursetomd2016
    I forgot to ask you how long it takes you to receive your acceptance letter if you dont mind?all documents were in as of April30 via sungard.thanks.
  7. by   ubski
    You'll get an acceptance letter in the mail. It's a folder of all the things you should do.
    I forgot how long it took, I would say a few days to a week.
    Ill pm you her info and be sure to ask for your Nursing Challenge Packet.

    For any help with Pediatrics, its yes & no. That's the downside, it's hard to find help.

    Good luck! Let me know if you need anything else.
  8. by   Nursetomd2016
    Thank you so much for your timely reply,that really helps me.I called admission today and i was told that i am accepted into the school.I was given my student id via the phone and also confirmed enrollment via phone and online.I was able to get on myisu and navigate the web to see how it works.i won't forget the nursing challenge packet,thank you.when do you plan on enrolling into the nursing program?mine is latest spring 2013 and earliest will be fall 2012.Thanks once again and i await ***** number.
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  9. by   ubski
    I am aiming for the November 1st deadline, while waiting I can knock out some of the other needed classes: Pathophysiology and Gerentology. How about you?
  10. by   Nursetomd2016
    I have done those classes and the only needed class for me are the four classes before we enroll.I have not taking the TEAS and i don't know if i have to take it even though i have a bachelor of science in biology.If you know,can you tell me if i need to take the TEAS.November deadline is for fall semester into the actual nursing program or for spring semester?I get a little confuse sometimes especially when i am new in a program.I can't send you pm because i forgot my previous password and user name.I will try and see if i can figure it out and then send you a pm with my previous username.
  11. by   2012RNJ
    I just did a password and username request now and i got it.I will continue to use this as this will help me post whenever i want and also to pm you.It is tammylpntorn.Thank you.
  12. by   ubski
    I believe you would need to, not unless you have taken it before?

    It's an entrance exam for the nursing program. I know all nursing programs are all doing the same.

    June 2012 deadline is for Fall semester and Novemeber 2012 deadline is for Spring semester.

    No worries!
  13. by   2012RNJ
    oh ok,thanks !
  14. by   Tootie88
    HI, ubski

    I received your PM; however, I can't reply because your inbox is full.