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Hello, I am due to start the LPN-BSN program at Indiana State University in the fall of 2012 and decided to start a thread for fellow students who may be starting around the same time so that we can connect and support each... Read More

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    Ok, I get it now. Thanks for the breakdown
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    Hey all, I am attempting to start at ISU too in Fall 2012. I'm taking the rest of Prereq's this semester at a local community college. and then afterwards going to try to do phase II during summer... I too have to do Microbiology, so please if there is a good study guide let me know. I'm in VA so if any one else is let me know.. I think I saw someone say something about hampton, I live about 30 mins north of Richmond.
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    on the previous page i wrote about where I found study material for microbiology. There is tons of stuff on just type in excelsior microbiology if you are testing out through excelsior. if not there is still tons of helpful stuff. quiz also.
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    Hi everyone! m sure im posting a bit pre-mature but....
    I finish my lpn program november 2012, when is the earliest I can start even thinking about contacting LSU? I have all my pre-reqs done since it was mandatory for my lpn program ( A&P I, II c lab, Micro\lab,lifespan,nutrition,chem,english comp). I was thinking about maybe doing some cleps while on breaks this coming year. I know you have to be Licensed, but can you be a pre- LPN to BSN student? Also do you have to be an LPN for a certain amount of time prior to enrolling? Thanks a bunch. I looked through the distance forum but geez oh petes there is a lot of stuff!! plus it might be out dated. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm looking for ISU BSN student from MN. I'm going to take TEAS exam soon. All my prereq. are done. I need to take their tests and apply.
    Also, I have question for anyone who passed exams. Which books should I study. I want to try first without College Network modules.
    Please advise me,...
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    Can you give me advise about 4 nursing tests. Where did you study? Which textbooks do you recommend? and your strategies, pathway...
    Thanks in advance,
    Good Luck to all of us.
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    Quote from LadyinScrubs
    Phase 2 is the challenge 4 nursing test. These must also be completed before starting Phase 3 which is your actual ISU online program.

    I am an admitted LPN to BSN student. In the general nursing classes, there are 6 clinicals and 8 didactic classes. I have four more semesters to go till I graduate--2012 Spring, Summer, Fall and then Spring 2013 semester--grad in May..

    Can you give me advise about 4 nursing tests. Where did you study? Which textbooks do you recommend? and your strategies, pathway...
    Thanks in advance,
    Good Luck to all of us.
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    Quote from akyoln

    i'm looking for isu bsn student from mn. i'm going to take teas exam soon. all my prereq. are done. i need to take their tests and apply.
    also, i have question for anyone who passed exams. which books should i study. i want to try first without college network modules.
    please advise me,...
    i am a senior in the program and half way through. you can use any rn books and comprehensnive rn nclex book for the subject. i found lippincott's straight a's in mental health or med surg (as well other straight a's that reflect the sutject of the tests).

    isu must provide you with a study guide and objectives with which to study from. i found the objectives reflect the final exam study guide for a previous year's class. in the study guide/objective(s) they will also suggest nursing booki(s) for the exam.

    normally, they provide it after you pay for the test. when you decide to pay for the test, you must contact the nursing dept for the authorization. it is at that time they will send you with a letter describing guidelines on what is considered a proper proctor, and every thing else involved in the challenge testing.

    when taking challenge exams with most other colleges/universities, they will provide study guide/objectives to study from before you register for the exam. you may try contacting the isu nursing department to get the guide/objectives before you pay for the test(s).

    btw you can buy the most expensive, up to date rn books on the subject, the lippincott study guides, and a great comprehensive rn nclex study guide for all the tests and still pay less than what it would cost you for one study guide at tcn. tcn study guides are no magic bullet.
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    Quote from akyoln

    Can you give me advise about 4 nursing tests. Where did you study? Which textbooks do you recommend? and your strategies, pathway...
    Thanks in advance,
    Good Luck to all of us.
    I posted info about study guide/objectives that ISU will provide to those students wishing to take the 4 challenge exams -- see my answer posted above.

    Where did I study--at my home. Get a comfortable spot that you can call your own. I have studied in a easy chair, a recliner, and at a desk. A desk with space for a light, my computer (so I can make notes), place for the book, as well as a place to put a cup of my favorite beverage really helped. I noted I did much better at the desk--which actually was the dining room table (much bigger).

    A good RN NCLEX book will discuss studying for the exam. That information is listed at the front of the book. Read it. It helps. Writing NCLEX exam questions are an art and there are specific rules that, if you know them, will help you when you do not know an answer and are struggling.

    The challenge exams cover the information that the final exams cover for the normal class. You need to cover the information as well as understand the concepts.
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