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Hello, I am due to start the LPN-BSN program at Indiana State University in the fall of 2012 and decided to start a thread for fellow students who may be starting around the same time so that we... Read More

  1. by   LadyinScrubs
    Quote from imagineme2day
    i am wondering if you can pick a clinical site where u already work??
    ISU has specific requirements for clinicals and the agency must agree to allowing an ISU student to take their clinical at the site. Theoretically, if everything went right, you could do some clinicals at your facility--but there are some clinicals that require an outside placement. Get the requirements for the clinicals and talk to your facility.
  2. by   2brn09
    Imagineme2day, I should have said all of my transcripts credits were accepted and I took A&P 1&2 over 10 years. As ladyinscrubs said get a transcript evaluation and you will know for sure. I haven't had any problems with transcript, exams, or anyone at ISU. My experience thus far has been positive.
  3. by   destined4success
    Hey guys, I'm in New Jersey and I'm looking to do this online program. I was previously in a BSN program, but things didn't work out there, and I just finished my lpn program. I have 113 total credits, 86 credits without the nursing courses, but no associates degree. So in my case, how long would it take me to complete, and I think in here, we an have more than 1 clinical. Please respond ASAP thanks!!!
  4. by   2brn09
    It all just depends on how many credits are transferable. Go to and look at the nursing curriculum for prereqs. You should have enough credits and required credits if you were already in a BSN program. 4 challenge exams and teas is phase 2 and the phase 3 should be 5-6 semesters. This is if you aren't in Cali. which you said you are in NJ.
  5. by   imagineme2day
    thank u so much
  6. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Hi Everyone....I enrolled with the College Network/ISU for the LPN to BSN program this past week....I am very pleased with my decision, I had been thinking about the U of Phoenix program and found that this will better suit my needs....I am curious, how long has it taken to complete the pre-req's through TCN?....I am planning on spending 2h per day on my studies, any idea how quickly this can be accomplished?.....would love to network with some fellow students who have just started the program as well....please contact if you are interested in forming a study partnership!....

  7. by   scrubwearer
    Good luck to you. I'm working on my prereqs at TCN and will be enrolling at ISU as soon as those are done. Just have 6 more to finish up!

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  8. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Thanks scrubwearer!....I will be getting down to work tomorrow on my Psych module....The program sounds like it is working well for you, anything I need to be aware of?......
  9. by   scrubwearer
    I just took my Developmental Psych test earlier this month. If that's the one you're doing there were a lot of questions about the theorists so I'd make sure to know those.
  10. by   imagineme2day
    are all the classes online except for the clinicals?
  11. by   scrubwearer
    Yes they're all online except clinicals.
  12. by   imagineme2day
    microbiology online as well?
  13. by   scrubwearer
    Yes it is also.

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