Indiana State affiliated with College Network

  1. I have been reading a lot about The College Network and Excelsior not being affiliated. I signed up with The College Network last year, and had to put off school, due to my job interfering with my studies. I am going to get back on the horse and start up school. I am however concerned, because I am reading a lot about how The College Network is not affiliated with Excelsior or ISU.

    Is this true, that TCN is not affiliated with Indiana State U????
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  3. by   PomPomRN
    It is true that TCN is not affiliated with a college, any college. They are strictly a publishing company, they print the learning modules and sell them to students that purchase them through their company. I too used TCN, and was well aware of the fact that they were just a publishing company. I found the modules to be very portable and helpful for me personally. However, that being said, they are very expensive and once you sign up and allow three days to pass you can not get out of the contract and you are obligated to pay for them, whether you actually use them or not.
    Good luck to you, and also you have to check in with them prior to using a learning module, if it is outdated they replace it for free.
    I just completed Excelsior's ASN program using TCN learning modules!