Board said it is now between the ISU partnership & its students

  1. I was at the CA BRN meeting in San Diego on September 27th. I am an admitted student and one of the 2nd group of students to file a complaint with the CA BRN about serious wrongdoing within the ISU/SSU LVN to BSN program in California.

    When I came up agains problems, I talked to the department chair for the nursing department at ISU. I got nowhere. Then during one med/surg clinical we were told by the ISU hired instructor to sign our time sheets for 12 hours when we put in 5 hrs; the next week we put in a little more time but many hours less than the required 12 hrs that the syllibus said we had to put in. I sent off numerous letters to the program administrators and they never responded. Eventually, a few of us who were fearful that we would lose our license for going along with the conspiracy of silence or potential fraud went to the California Board of Nursing. We told them about the problems getting clinical sites and that it often took semesters to get into a clinical and how we in the med/surg clinical was required to submit timesheets for clinical time that we never did.

    I was contacted by the CA BRN investigator and so were the others who signed the group complaint. We were advised to come to the Board meeting in San Diego to give the information avbout what we knew about to the Board. We went as a group but the CSU chancelor closed the program down and we were not needed to discuss what we knew.

    I doubt that the things that happened to us in that clinical was what caused the CSU chancelor to close the program down. There had to be things that we do not know that started him to back out of the agreement with SSU. It would be nice if he would tell us what the problems were that made him back out.
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    Video transcript of the September CA BRN meeting can be found on UTube [COLOR=#003366]\\

    the ISU agenda # is 9.4