Who's applying September 1st for ASN program Ivy Tech

  1. Hello! I'm new here, officially. Unofficially I come to this website all the time just signed up today(: I met with my advisor today! She said 320 people applied to the Indianapolis program and only 60 got in last deadline so that's about 5.3 people to one seat! She said a little bit less apply in September. I'm finishing up my prerequs this summer. I'm taking APHY 102 which makes my heart skip a beat because its sooo fast paced. Anyways just wanted to see who's all applying, where, and how you're doing with all of the requirements?
    Good luck to us all (:
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  3. by   khamia05
    Hey, I am new to the site as well....however, I will be applying for ASN program at IVYTECH in September as well.....I am in A&P II right now as well...I will be taking the TEAS V in July... I'm a little nervous though
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Indiana State Nursing Programs for more response.

    Good luck with the application process!
  5. by   BloomNurseRN
    Good luck with APHY 102. I took it in 8 weeks also so I completely understand how stressful that can be. Just hang in there, you'll get through it. I will be starting my second year in the ASN program this August in Bloomington. Good luck applying, hopefully you will get that spot you're looking for! :-)
  6. by   futurenursejuanny87
    Good luck guys! I just got in the ASN program at Indy. Just makes sure your TEAS score is awesome because that's what it comes down to for almost everyone!