Valparaiso, Hobart, Merillville Hospitals

  1. Hi guys,

    any inputs on hospitals to work in Valpo, Hobart and Merillville areas? med/surg/tele ratios and etc.........thanks!
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  3. by   rehab girl
    i work at a local hospital in this area on a med/surg unit. the ratio is 6:1.
  4. by   Hrtnurse14

    I hope this info is not coming too late for you. In Valpo there is Porter Memorial. This is an older hospital going through alot of change. The area is booming and there is talk of two new hospitals being built. I know an agency nurse who did tele there and said her ratio on days was 4:1 (about 1 year ago). I have heard pay is low there but the hospital has an everyone knows everyone feel because it is still on the smaller side.

    St. Mary's in Hobart was purchased by Community Healthcare systems about 3 years ago. Tele ratios on days are 4 or 5 to 1. There has been some change in management and the hospital has received a nice face lift. I work at the sister Community in Munster and am told that rates are very competetive working there. They also operate on the PTO system. This again is a smaller hospital with a country feel to it.

    Methodist in Merrillville is a larger hospital with alot of amenities. People that work for them tend to stay very loyal however they were recently threatened with losing Jacho accrediation and have corrected their errors. They are in financial trouble right now and have recently released many of their senior nurses to obtain less expensive staff. I am not sure of tele ratios but have heard that their pay is lower. I know a nurse that works registry in ER there and makes 32/hr.

    There is a new hospital named Pinnacle that opened in Hobart. I am not sure about anything there but that they are hiring for everything and looking for all shifts. It is a brand new hospital.

    Hope that info helps.

  5. by   Princess72
    Thanks a lot Hrtnurse14, it surely gave me a lot of info.........GOD BLESS YOU and your family.
  6. by   winnieander
    Hi there,

    Can someone tell me what's the starting salary for new grad RNs in the area? Thanks!!