University of Saint Francis Crown Point

  1. Just curious if anyone else on here applied to University of Saint Francis?
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  3. by   SMOKEY2112
    Does anyone at least even go there and can give an opinion about their program?
  4. by   millikinblondie94
    I applied and am actually going there tomorrow for a visit and a meeting with an advisor!
  5. by   satin10
    @ millikinblondie94. has is the program? can you provide any input on the program? annny info would be greatly appreciated. thanks much!
  6. by   Whispera
    What would you like to know about it?
  7. by   satin10
    @ Whispera. Pretty everything . I would like to know how are the teachers, clincians and most importantly are you enjoying the program. I work a full-time job and my employer is willing to work with me with in creating a flexible schedule. So....anything that you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated. If you don't wanna write anything long drawn out inbox me so that I can provide you my contact info. Thanks in advance for your help. Enjoy ur day!