So depressed. Can not find a RN job.

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    2 Months ago, I graduated from Fort Wayne Ivy Tech and got my license. I graduated at top of my class. I got all A's except couple of B's.

    I have applied at least 100 jobs. I live in Fort Wayne. But I am open to travel anywhere in Indiana. I can work any shift they want me to. I can work hospitals or nursing homes. But out of over 100 jobs I have applied, not a single one called me back for an interview.

    I do not have any work history. I am so depressed. I thought all my troubles were over when I got my RN license. I don't know what else to do. I am open to work at minimum wage as well.

    If someone has any pointers please let me know.

    Desperately looking for RN job in IN

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    All A's and only 2-ish B's? That's rough. Right now I'm finishing up APHY102 so that I can apply to the Fall 2011 Lawrence Ivy Tech cohort; so for the most part I'm kind of useless as far as good advice is concerned. However, my sister is currently in her last semester of nursing school down in New Orleans, and she said that a lot of times when people have a hard time getting a job as an RN or LPN down there they will apply for Nursing Technician positions in hospitals. She said that they normally don't work those for too long before getting promoted to whichever nursing specialty in which they've majored. I'm sure that there are plenty of other options available to you as well that are better than that. Is moving out of state a total no-go for you?
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    I'm not sure how far you are willing to relocate, but Methodist Hospitals both Northlake & Southlake campus ALWAYS hire RN's, both new grads & seasoned nurses. I went in as soon as I became licensed and filled out an app, I was in hired the same day and started nursing orientation 6 days later. Stay prayerful!
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    Hello, I just passed and got my RN license last week...I'm afraid I'll end up without a job either! have you tried following up any of your applications? I've applied everywhere, but the jobs I really want I try to find that facility's Nurse Recruiter, or HR and I call or e-mail them. Since almost all applications are filled out online, I try to have my name stick out one way or another. I received an e-mail today saying they're reviewing my application and resume and will contact me with either questions or an interview. I don't think it's a "default" message because my friend e-mailed the same woman and she was turned down via e-mail. Good luck, and stay positive!
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    I can say that the Indianapolis area is not hiring new nurses either. I have been apply for jobs since July 2010 and have not had a call back yet. I try to stay positive and just keep applying. Good Luck!!
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    Actually, I have a friend whose mom works for methodist hospital on the southside of indy as the head of her department, and she said that they are definitely hiring right now, regardless of previous work experience. I forgot which area it was in, but from the sounds of it you all
    probably aren't being picky. . You should check it out!
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    *whose mom works as a nurse
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    I ended up working for CMS and now I have been getting interviews at hospitals after 6 months working there. Still not getting jobs but least landing interviews at the hospital. I think CMS hires everywhere in IN the hospitals do hire after being there we had instructors that started there. So try it not a bad job and does pay compartiable to hospitals.
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    wannabanrnin2012 which methodist hospital? the one with clarian health or the one in merrivillie?

    biblepoet what is cms?
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    Methodist is innodated with applications and I have had no luck landing a job there. Interviews yes but no job offers. That is part of clarian. Some of the positions need a yr. of experience to get. CMS is Correctional Medical Services. This is their website. Good luck.

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