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2 Months ago, I graduated from Fort Wayne Ivy Tech and got my license. I graduated at top of my class. I got all A's except couple of B's. I have applied at least 100 jobs. I live in Fort... Read More

  1. by   biblepoet
    I make 21.69 hour. Clarian pays 21.75 hour so pay is about the same. I need better insurance I carry the insurance for my family and it is running about 500 a pay period for not that great insurance. I probably would still work there prn but I need to improve the insurance situation. Hospital insurance is better than what I have available. Good answer btw on that one. It also pays to be a good listener. My offenders do not have people listen to them and you can defuse some of the situations by just listening.
  2. by   VikRN
    It is a great point to be a good listener! Did you start this job as a new grad? Was it too challenging? How long was your orientation?
    Yes, insurance is a big deal; if you do not live far from Lafayette you may consider an ER position at St. Elizabeth Hospital, they hired three new grads from my class recently and they still have openings.
  3. by   biblepoet
    Yes. It is challenging but I like it. I had a month orientation. Still stuff I don't know but I work in the infirmary and there is always a nurse in the clinic and another infirmary nurse. You learn to assess well and think on your feet.
  4. by   Lexi86
    Quote from rachel108

    I can say that the Indianapolis area is not hiring new nurses either. I have been apply for jobs since July 2010 and have not had a call back yet. I try to stay positive and just keep applying. Good Luck!!
    Start doing some volunteer work at one or two hospitals you hope to work in. You'll be able to network and get inside info on open job positions before they're posted. You'll also be able to show that you really want to work for the facility.