RN versus LPN

  1. I was just wondering, why are some people applying to more then 1 Ivy Tech campus? Wouldnt that be a heck of a drive for some people if they lived in Jeffersonville and got into the Indy campus?

    Also, if I took the TEAS test and didnt do very well in the math portion because honestly, I suck at math, and that is the absolute truth, but anyway, if I didnt do very well and didnt get into the RN program, does that automatically put me in to the LPN program, or is that something I would have to apply for too?
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  3. by   kjj007
    Just from talking to other Ivy Tech applicants, the LPN program is something you would have to apply to separately from the RN program.
  4. by   cheesewhiz
    yes. you have to fill out an entire separate application for the LPN program. they do the RN applications first. then the LPN. so if you apply for RN and don't get in, then if you get into LPN you can take that route and then immediately do the bridge to RN when you're done with LPN.
  5. by   my2girlskk.
    People apply to more than one campus to have a back up plan in case they don't get in their region. Yes, it would be a heck of a drive but some justify it by saying its better than waiting until next semester. Or in my case, the closest ivy tech campus w a nursing program was 45 min away so I applied to all 3 campuses within an hr drive for me.

    As the person before me said, you have to do a separate app for the lpn program so if you don't fill one out then you wont be accepted into the program. If you haven't taken the teas twice you should consider doing so before the next app deadline and apply to both rn and lpn programs so you have a plan b. Good luck.